Google’s new privacy tool will let you block ads across devices

A very good new for all user,a new privacy tool is launch by google who will let you block ads across your devices .Will enable the more than 1 billion people who use Google’s search engine and other services to block certain ads from appearing on
every device that they log into, instead of having to make a special request on each individual machine.

Some users of Google’s search engine, Gmail and Chrome browser will start receiving notices about the new option beginning Tuesday,
but it will take several more weeks before it’s available to everyone.

Google’s business has been built on its longtime practice of monitoring its users’ online behavior in an effort to learn about their interests
so it can show ads most likely to appeal to them.

Those customized ads shown alongside Google’s search results and the content on millions of other websites have turned Google’s corporate parent,
Alphabet Inc , into one of the world’s most profitable companies.