Addiction of smartphones/Gadgets ? Danger !

In today’s world,where people keep changing their gadgets,handsets or tool to update them in each and every minute ,to compete with the world,as new gadget introduction in the market people are like to download or start using  it start.

According to the survey ,on an average person deals with minimum 3-4 app daily which includes WhatsApp,FB messenger,Instagram,Pinterest,or app which is related to his interest whether it could be related to Shopping,Banks Education,Travelling,Hotel.

On an average person deals which these apps,Because of this highly used gadgets where people forget to talk with the person nearby, while he/she asking unknown friend ,“how are you”?,It’s too strange now a days,children are getting more far from a family member and try to get to the people to whom they have met yet or even they are going to be.

Today people are like sharing bday msg to his/her loving one but they don’t have time to call at once,they share messages on the FB wall and other platform.This is not wrong, but it increase a break  between the relationship of one another,whether it could be your father,mother,or loving anyone.

Being on the dinner table,people stick with their phone not a single word,Due to this as per the survey in America on approx 30,000 people that they are suffering from nomophobia disease they feel uncomfortable when they cannot access their phone more than 10 minutes.

In many countries,Camps are started to get relief from the smartphone,where people are ready to spent more than 90,000 USD.People are not suffering from normal disease they are suffering from nomophobia,which can only be cured by simply stay away from smartphone for sometimes.

As  per the studies people who engage in the phone more than 18 hours ,mostly suffer from this disease,they are many kind of diseases are emerging as soon as we are familiar with such kind diseases.

As per study the people who spent more time on social media,they start losing their decision-making power,less concentration,they cant judge anything,they having many problen in their personal life,

Let’s create an environment where we give more time to one another or loving ones or with ourself, so that we can decide or think about life in depth or live peacefully.